Withdraw Policy

If you have to withdraw from any of our events, this is our Withdrawal Policy.

Race entries are NOT transferable to other athletes. Any change to the data held on the computer system requires considerable time and administration, which incurs us extra expense and to keep the entry fee to a minimum we need to try and keep costs low. Unfortunately it is not possible to give refunds for competitors who withdraw from events. Edinburgh Racing endeavours to provide you with a race. If we don't supply that race, then fair enough, you should get your money back. However, if you pull out, for whatever valid reason, then that is beyond our control and that is your choice. We feel it is unreasonable to expect to get your money back if you cannot fulfil your side of the deal! From the moment we start to organise an event, we incur costs. Your entry fee goes towards the cost of putting on the event: everything from race facilities and road closures to scaffolding and barriers, from timing systems and post race food to race numbers and simple things like safety pins. Organising any event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense. If you pull out of any other event, you don't get anything back at all. If you buy a ticket for a football match or a concert, and then you decide to go on holiday, get pregnant, get married, go away on business, or break your leg, you don't get your money back. However since we stage five events a year, and providing you give us enough notice, we will attempt to transfer your entry to one of our other races. This will however be at the discretion of the race organiser. Therefore please notify the relevant race organiser as early as possible. We would prefer notifications of any withdrawal to be made in writing by post. Telephone messages notifying a withdrawal are not acceptable if requesting a transfer to another event. Any request for transfer to another event requires to be accompanied with a completed application form for the relevant event.

Please send any withdrawal letter to:

Withdrawal (name of event)

Edinburgh Racing

4 Seaview Terrace


EH15 2HD

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