Portobello Autumn Aquathon - 29th September 2013

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The Portobello Autumn Aquathon will comprise three races, a round of the TriathlonScotland Kid's Aquathon League, a Novice Adult's Aquathon which are both pool-based and an open Water race in the sea on Portobello beach. The open water race is a 750m sea swim, wetsuits are compulsory. This event is run under triathlonscotland rules. It is the competitors responsibility to know the rules.


The race location is Portobello baths at the end of Bellfield Street, Portobello.


Limited car parking is available in the surrounding side streets between Portobello high street and the promenade.


Changing, toilet and showering facilities are available in Portobello baths. The upstairs cafe will be open for competitors and spectators.

Event Timetable

These are approximate times and may change slightly.




Race brief (pool heats)


8 years heat start


9-10 years heat start


11-12 years heat start


13-14 years heat start


15-16 years heat start


Adult novice heat 1 start


Adult novice heat 2 start


Race brief (open water)


Open water race start


Prize giving


Registration will take place in the creche of the swimming pool from 8:05 until 8:40. At registration competitors will be issued with race numbers and safety pins. Please wear your race number on the front of your top. Failure to display your number correctly may result in a penalty or your times not being recorded! Event details, such as route maps, and competitor lists will be located in the pool foyer.

Race Distances

Age Group

Swim Distance

Run Distance

8 years



9-10 years



11-12 years



13-14 years



15-16 years



Adult novice



Adult open water



Course Description - open water race

The swim will be a mass start on the beach outside Portobello baths. Run into the sea and swim around the two buoys in an anti-clockwise direction, keeping the buoys on your left hand side. Exit the water running straight to the beach entrance to the prom.

The transition area operates as a one way system. Enter transition through the gap in the prom wall and turn left. Transition will be a corridor where competitors can place their kit on or at the foot of the sea wall. Note that transition will be informal but please take up as little space as possible and keep your kit tidy and away from the corridor. When you have removed your wetsuit place it on the wall and run out of transition, heading east along the run course.

The run will be a long lap (3km) followed by a short lap (2km). Head east along the prom past the end of the prom and the bus terminus to the 3km turn point at Joppa, then run straight back where there will be a turn point 10 yards before the finish. Turn here and head back east to the end of the prom to the 2km turn point, turn and head back to the finish. For your own safety please keep to the pavement all the way around the bus terminus, do not cut the course.

Course Description - pool race

The swim will be a continuous wave format. Competitors will start in 10 second intervals, swim up one side of the lane and back down the other side. When 2 lengths are completed competitors turn under the lane rope into the next lane, and so on. Please line up in number order on the far side of the pool 10 mins before your heat is due to start. The 13-16yrs age groups will swim 2 laps of the pool, this means getting out of the pool after 8 lengths (in lane 4) and walking back to the start (lane 1). There will no no diving or jumping back into the pool, one hand must be on the poolside while entering. Adults will swim 3 laps of the pool.

The transition is on the prom just east of the swimming pool steps. Competitors may leave running kit here prior to their swim heat. On leaving the pool entrance turn left and down the ramp, run in front of the steps into transition where you can change into your running kit. Exit the transition area heading East. Please keep the steps and entrance areas clear for public access. Remember TriathlonScotland rules state athletes must not compete with a bare torso. Race numbers require to be worn on the front during the run section.

There are several different turn points along the prom. Competitors should make sure they are aware of which turn point they are running to. Leave transition heading east to the correct turn point for your heat and come straight back to the finish. Turn points will be marked and marshalled.
Adults will run a long lap (3km) and a short lap (2km). The short lap turn is at the end of the prom, the long lap turn is past the end of the prom and the bus terminus. The turn point from lap 1 to lap 2 is 10 yards in front of the finish. For your own safety please keep to the pavement all the way around the bus terminus, do not cut the course.

Course Maps

Open water swim course and transition area

Continuous wave swim structure

Run course

Post Race Prize Giving

Prize giving will be held in the upstairs dance studio in the pool building. Prizes will be awarded for male and female in the five kids age groups and seniors, veterans and supervets in the novice race. In the open water race, prizes will be awarded for male and female juniors, seniors, veterans, supervets and vintage.

Finishline Timing

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